Navy and blue are colors that may not seem compatible at first glance, but when you start to play around with these colors in terms of fashion, you get a sophisticated and regal color palette.  The navy and blue color combination started off as a kin to the nautical style trend but has transformed into a fashionable trend of its own. This year we are seeing more and more women opt for navy and blue during winter and fall, taking this color combo away from its spring time roots. We love the direction this trend is going in, it seems like this color combination is here to stay.

If you want to try out the navy and gold color trend at the office we recommend pairing a navy fluted skirt with a gold bow blouse. This look is a great way to depart from the typical black and white monochromatic work look. Though the colors in this trend are bold they can still be styled into a subtle and romantic ensemble, for example you could wear a navy maxi dress and use a gold belt to chic your waist line.  This look has movement and adds an ethereal quality to your overall look.

Try The Trend Tips

We highly recommend you give the navy and gold trend a try this year and to help keep you looking chic here are a few tips to keep in mind.

In addition to navy and gold clothing we love this trend in small quantities also, like a navy and gold manicure or navy and gold stack able bangles. We have also seen a surge in the popularity of navy and gold pumps and purses.

A great variation of this trend would be to swap the gold for bronze, which is still in the gold metallic family, but will bring a deep and richer color into the ensemble.