Neon shoes are a fashion favorite of celebrities and everyday fashionistas alike.  This spring there is no better way to add a pop of color to your ensemble than neon shoes. In colors like lime green, electric blue, hot pink and citron yellow,  this not-so-subtle shoe trend has been a favorite of ours this season. You could opt for a relaxed and casual pair of neon sandals for a fun spring day or go for a dramatic and statement making pair of neon pumps for a night on the town. Either way you decided to rock this trend, you’ll be looking youthful, unique and chic. To help you make sure you put your best foot forward in this latest shoe  fad we have our top 3 favorite ways to style the neon shoe trend.

Neon Shoes and Nude
The neon and nude color combo is ultra-sophisticated while still maintaining a hint of playfulness. One of our favorite ways to wear this trendy color combo is to pair a fluted nude skirt with a pair of neon yellow shoes and a blouse with neon yellow accents. The nude hue helps to balance the bright pop of color from the neon, while the neon adds a touch of personality and youthfulness to the look.

Neon Shoes and Black
Neon and black is the simplest way to rock this trend. All you have to do is get out your go-to little black dress and throw on a cute pair of neon Mary Jane heels; this look is a fun variation of the typical LBD style.  Plus the neon shoes add in an unexpected pop of color that makes this outfit look modern and fresh.

Neon Shoes and Neon
For those of you ladies who aren’t afraid to rock the color blocked look, try adding neon shoes into the mix. For example pair a hot pink t-shirt with crisp white cropped trousers and bright electric blue wedge heels. The neon pink and blue color combo is complementary yet contrasting while the white trousers balance out this boldly colored ensemble.