Neon is everywhere this year, from bold head to toe neon maxi dresses, to subtle neon enhanced accessories, this bright and statement making color trend is one that we love. Neon skirts in particular have become super popular and we can see why, they add just the right amount of freshness, fun and personality to your ensemble.  We have seen neon skirts done in super sophisticated looks on the runways and red carpets and we have also seen everyday fashionistas rock neon skirts in flirty and casual styles.  The key to making the neon skirt trend work for you is making sure that you wear the skirt and the skirt doesn’t wear you.

For a super chic way to rock a neon skirt without going overboard on color, we suggest pairing a full, high waist mini skirt with a tucked in black tank, black leggings and a black blazer. The black and neon color combo is the perfect blend of boldness and sophistication, and the blazer will help to add a grown up quality to your outfit. Another great way to rock this trend would be to pair a neon skirt with another bright colored top to create a color blocking effect.  We love combos like pink and navy,or lime green and yellow.

Try The Trend Tips

The neon skirt trend is one of our favorites for the upcoming spring and summer months, and to help you master this trend here are a few tips.

Remember that a neon skirt will draw attention to your backside, so that makes it all the more important to make sure your skirt is fitted to perfection because any awkward puckering in the fabric will be even more noticeable in the bright color.

For a super fancy evening, we suggest looking for a neon skirt with just a little hint of bling or maybe some fun appliques, this is a great way to dress up the neon skirt trend.