The nude hue trend started out in fashion and has now made its way into make-up, thus spawning the dawn of this latest trend, nude lipstick.  Nude lips are understated, sophisticated and super simple to pull off. Celebrity beauties such as Jennifer Lopez, Thandie Newton, Drew Barrymore and Kim Kardashian all love the naturally sexy look of nude lipstick. The best part about this trend is that it works perfectly with any skin tone, the key to making this look work for you is looking for a nude tone that complements your skins natural glow. The nude lipstick trend can be worn anywhere, from the most casual of outings to any formal affair.

When wearing nude lipstick it’s important to factor in the rest of your make-up depending on where you’re going. If you’re trying to keep your look casual pair your nude lips with a fresh faced look.  This natural make-up style will have your looking effortlessly beautiful as well as super feminine.  If you want to work nude lipstick into a more bold makeup pallet than opt for deep mysterious smoky eye and lush well defined eye lashes.  Pairing sweet nude lips with a bold sexy eye is a great way to give off a super subtle yet sultry vibe.

Try The Trend Tips

Nude lipstick is a super simple trend to work into your beauty routine, below you’ll find a few key tips to keep your nude lips looking lovely.

Always exfoliate your lips before applying your lipstick, super smooth and supply lips are essential to making the trend work.

Keep in mind that there are many different shades of “nude” so it is important to try a few different colors before deciding on one. Ladies with light skin should opt for a nude that has hints of peach, while ladies with darker skin should opt for a nude with hints of gold or bronze.