Within the deep blue sea a plethora of fashion inspiration is swimming, floating and  bobbing around.  Slivery scales, bright coral and gentle waves have been the driving force behind many of this year’s top designs at fashion week. Designers like Chanel, Givency, Alexander McQueen and Versace have all shown stunning sea inspired collections.  Some designers are letting the sea dictate their silhouette choices, we have seen mermaid, starfish and fish tail shapes up and down the runway. Other designers chose to show their love of sea inspired fashion but using ocean theme prints and textures like rolling waves, sea form pastels and scale like embellishments.

It’s easy to achieve a casual ocean inspired look in the summer or spring time. We suggest opting for a bright pink coral dress with sand tone accents. This look is fresh, beachy and perfect for the warm weather months. In the winter you can still master a sea inspired look, you just have to be a bit more subtle. For a winter time cocktail party or date night we suggest a silver knee length dress that has a pattern that mimics the oceans waves. This look is classic, sexy and still channels the calming vibe of the ocean in an ultra-chic way.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to try your hand at ocean inspired fashion, here are a few tips to help prevent you from drowning in the latest fashion trend.

There is more to the ocean trend than just wearing blue.  Pink, silver, green, white and gold tones can all be used when putting together a sea inspired look.

Don’t forget about the little details, you can try wearing a seashell hair clip, sea glass jewelry or a purse that mimics the structure of coral. Play with different items and see what level of sea inspiration works best for you.