We were super excited to hear that the ombre color trend that’s been showcased on manicures has recently crossed over into the world of hair. It seems like every Hollywood starlet is rocking some version of the chic ombre look. The basic premise of this trend is having your colored to where it looks like your hair fades from one color to another going from root to tip. We’ve seen this trend most commonly done with brunette roots fading to blond tips, but we’ve also seen some dyed version of this look in some crazy colors like purple, pink and even green.  The reason we love this look is because its, it’s a rejuvenating take on your typical dye job. Of course this trend may not be suitable for everyone so here are a few things to consider before dying your locks ombre style.

Hair Health

Is your hair strong enough to handle the dying process? Not only is the hair dying process expensive at a salon, it may be damaging to your hair. So if you’re not confident in your hairs condition or strength maybe you should hold off on treating it with chemicals. The good news is that this trend can be mastered by default, it you just let your roots grow out  you may have a natural ombre effect.

Hair Color

The ombre trend is typically seen in shades of blond and brunette and sometimes red. The most important thing to remember when picking the color is to make sure it will complement your skin tone. For girls with a lighter skin tone we suggest opting for ash tones, warm caramels and muted blond. For gals with darker skin we recommend rich browns, deep reds and maybe even a dark purple depending on how daring you are.