The ombre trend is making a splash this year. It’s big in hair color at the moment and is now being seen on nails as well.  Ombre nails are a fun spin on the average manicure and are perfect for special occasions as well as every day wear.  Lauren Conrad, Beyoncé and Venessa Hudgens have all been seen sporting the fun multi toned nail art.  Not only is the ombre nail trend super cute, but it can also be a DIY project, just pick your nail colors and search online for one on the hundreds of how-to videos and articles for help. Whether you’re having them done at a solon or doing them yourself, ombre nails are the manicure trend to rock this year.

There are two common types of ombre nail art; the first type of ombre polish is achieved when the color fades from light to dark on each individual nail creating a color scale effect on each finger.  This look is particularly stunning in shades of pink, gray or purples. The second type of ombre polish is where the colors fade from one nail to the next, so each individual nail is painted a different shade of the same color. This style of ombre is lovely in shades of blue, cream, peach and beige. No matter which ombre style you choose to try, rest assured you’ll be flaunting the latest manicure trend.

Try The Trend Tips

Thinking about rocking the ombre nail look, here are a few tips to help you polish, pun intended, this latest trend.

For longer nails, try the ombre look that involves a color scale on each nail, the length of your nails will enhance the depth of the color creating an even more stunning manicure.

For shorter nails, stick with the ombre look that’s achieved by painting each nail a different shade of the same color. Just make sure you start with your thumb and go from light to dark, or dark to light, which ever you prefer.

If you’re unsure which color will look best on your nails, try starting off with the color that works best with your skin tone. For example, darker skin tones, should try the ombre look with creams, oranges or even pastel colors. Lighter skin tones should go for blues, greys and purples.