East Asian inspired fashion has been seen everywhere recently, from Obi belts to kimono style dresses, and the most recent trend origami inspired fashion, is also rooted in the east.  Origami folding is an ancient art form that has a lot to offer to the world of fashion, by adding depth and texture to the designers creations. Origami inspired fashion includes pieces with multi-dimensional folds, structured fabric design and an overall architectural feel.  Designers like John Galliano, Sandra Backlund and Andre Lima have all shown spectacular origami inspired couture pieces at their most recent shows. The question is how to take this trend from couture and dramatic, to functionally and wearable.

Since this trend is eye catching and elegant why not rock an origami inspired dress to your next holiday cocktail party. Look for a dress that has intricate pleating resembling the Japanese art of paper folding. Pair your dress with simple shoes and accessories so that the design of your outfit takes center stage. If you’re in the market for origami inspired options that can be worn every day, look for tops that have stiff fabrics in structural designs, these types of tops work very well for the office when paired with a simple fitted pencil skirt or wide leg trousers.

Try The Trend Tips

The origami inspired trend may seem a little daunting, but with a few tips you’ll be able to master it perfectly in no time.

When looking for origami inspired fashion pieces don’t be overly literal, you don’t have to go out and find a crane shaped dress to make this trend work. It’s more about looking for pieces that have really detailed folds and an almost 3D sort of structure.

Caring for an origami inspired fashion pieces can be a little labor intensive because ironing is a must, since I doubt many women have the time to sit there and iron each pleat and fold to perfection,  consider washing and drying your origami inspired piece at home and taking it to your local dry cleaner just to be pressed. This will ensure that you look as polished and fashionable as possible.