It’s no secret that overalls aren’t exactly the easiest thing to wear; in fact up until recently overalls were viewed as an rather unpleasant blast from the past. Even though some of you ladies may be cringing at the thought of slipping into overalls anytime in the near future, we have to say that some of fashions biggest icons have been spotted looking very chic and grown up in overalls recently.  Some of fashions biggest names like Vanessa Hudgens, Selita Ebanks, Heidi Klum, Alexa Chung, Betsey Johnson and Nina Garcia all have worn overalls recently and have even talked about their love for this fun and youthful fashion trend.

The key to making this trend wearable over the age of 10 is to add structured and adult themed pieces into your outfit to help anchor the ultra-casual and childlike overalls.  For example take a skinny legged pair of dark wash overalls and cuff them to the ankle, this will give them a sophisticated cropped look. Then slip on a pair of high wedge heels and a few strategically placed pieces of jewelry and you’ll be looking polished and youthful in overalls. For the warm weather months you could also try out overall shorts, with these its important to remember that you’ll want them to fit a little bit loosely, to really enhance that boho type vibe.


Try The Trend Tips

We highly recommend an open-minded opinion when trying out the retro overalls trend, to help you master this look here are a few important tips to keep in mind.


Try out overalls in darker colors, light wash denim tends to be more unflattering than navy or black overalls. Plus dark overalls look far more adult and chic.


We know that the one shouldered look was popular at one time with overalls, but we highly recommend you keep both straps on your shoulders. You should also skip any overly masculine accessories like bandannas, this will only emphasize the workman style of the overalls.