Owls are totally in vogue this year, it may sound odd but these feathered friends are making their fashion debut and we couldn’t be happier. We love bringing nature intro fashion, creating organic looks with eclectic pieces, and that is exactly what the owl trend does. Owls are being seen in colorful metallic, soft pastels and monochromatic black and white. There making waves in fashionable clothing on the runway, adorable necklaces and precious purses. No matter how you decide to wear the owl trend this year, you’re sure to look stylish and super cute to boot.

Owl accessories are the most common way to rock the owl style; we love the abundance of long owl chain necklaces coming out for fall this year. There are also owl rings, earrings, headband, broaches and handbags to suit your bird loving fancy, For the first time owl wearer we suggest a simple metallic owl necklace, there super affordable and very chic.

If you want a bolder owl look, try wear owl clothing, there are owl shirt, shoes and even dresses. For a casual owl outfit pair an owl screen t-shirt with cut off shorts for an adorable summer day ensemble. For a nighttime ready look opt for an owl inspired dress. Look for scalloping that mimics the vibe of an owls wings, this will give you an owl-ish feel without being overly literal.

Try The Trend Tips

The owl trend is a hoot, pardon the pun. Here are a few tips to help you rock this latest trend.

Start with accessories, the easiest way to start wearing the owl trend is with small pieces. Pick a headband or necklace that speaks to you and go from there.

Don’t take the trend to literally. You don’t necessarily need to wear an actually owl on your clothing to rock the trend, you could opt for owl inspiration. For example, you could wear an owl feathered purse or a headband accented with wide owl eyes, in the event you wanted a more subtle own touch.