What’s better than looking comfy and cute at the same time? Absolutely nothing that’s why the new pajama pants trend has us smitten. We love that ladies everywhere are taking these comfortable bottoms out of the bedroom and into the world. Believe it or not pajama pants are being worn, at the office, out on the town and everywhere in between. So much about fashion can be uncomfortable, finally there is a trend that is just as fashionable is it is delightfully comfortable. This year’s runways have been speckled with silky pj pants, worked into chic office wear as well as casual resort wear. The only question that begs to asked is how do you rock the trend without looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Never fear we have got some cute outfit ideas, which make great use of pajama pants.

For a simple and sweet ensemble we recommend pairing white linen pj pants with a fitted neon tank top. This look is perfect for summer and spring; it’s airy, light and youthful. Plus, the neon adds some personality and offsets the simple white pants. If you’re hoping to get away with wearing your pajama pants to the office then try a fitted pair of silk black pajama pants and pair with a men white button down shirt. The black and white color combo is sophisticated and polished while the fabrics are soft and comfortable.

Try The Trend Tips

We hope you consider wearing this relaxing trend in the near future, here are a few tips to help you avoid looking like a sleepyhead in your pajama pants.

Don’t wear lace or anything that resembles under garments with pajama pants. This may cause you to look a bit too boudoir-ish.

Where wedge heels with pajama pants, since most pj pants are wide leg and long, wedges will elongate your legs and still match the vibe of the ensemble.

Stay away from pin stripes or any other tiny delicate prints. Instead opt for solid colors or bold floral and tribal prints that make a statement.