Summer break is halfway over so this is probably a good time to start planning your back to school shopping. We know it’s hard to trade in this amazing weather with fun-filled trips to the shore and carnivals for books and lockers but it’s necessary to plan ahead. Being the little fashionista that you are, you’re going to want to buy a few essentials for your wardrobe so that everyone in school will envy your great style. One of the returning trends is the adorable pastel colored skinny jeans.

Pastel colors are very girly because of their light hue so it’s important to pair them up with colors that are similar to keep the girly theme going. There are so many of our favorite young celebs that are rocking these pretty jeans and they include: Selena Gomez, Dakota Fanning, Victoria Justice, and Justin Bieber’s ex lady, Selena Gomez. We think this a must have so make sure to add this trend to your shopping list before you go to the mall with your friend. Keep reading for more on how to style.

Try the Trend
When pastel jeans come to mind, the first color that many of us think of is pink because it seems to be the most popular shade but we’re glad to say that colors like pastel orange, mint, yellow, and blue are also great options for those of you like to think outside the box. Whatever color it is that you choose, just remember that pastels look the best when paired with colors that are light and similar shades to their own.

The best color top to pair your pastel jeans is probably something that you already have and that’s a white or beige top. The style of the top is completely up to you because you can choose to wear an oversized t-shirt and tuck it in or you could always try a buttoned down shirt to look a bit dressier. Peach also looks well with whatever shade of pastel you go for. If you’re more daring, you can try wearing another shade of the same color your jeans are; for example, if you’re wearing mint jeans try wearing an emerald colored shirt. It’s a fun twist that will make you look super chic!

Shoes can be whatever you want, preferably flats or sandals as you want to be comfortable with all the walking to different classrooms that you do.

Hair and makeup should be easy and quick because you don’t want to be late to class so we recommend a messy ponytail and a moisturized pink pout.

We hope you try this trend for your back to school wardrobe and if you have any more questions, be sure to send a message on the “Ask a Stylist” tab.