The soft pleats of a dress or skirt have been a design feature in fashion for centuries. We have the early Vikings to thank for the origin of the very fashionable pleats; they popularized the look for their military in 10 B.C. From then on pleats have been on the fashion scene, in the 1920’s pleats were a common school uniform accent and still are to this day. But for fall 2013 pleats are no longer only synonymous with the school girl look, this year we saw a surge of crisp pleated fashion that ranged from adorable box pleats to rebellious knife pleats. Now-a-days, the pleat is a representation of playfulness, movement and femininity.

For a date night look with pleated accents we recommend a pleated leather skirt paired with a tucked in white tank top. Finish off your look with chunky black heels or over the knee boots and perhaps a double breasted blazer if it’s a chilly night. This look is perfect for a date because the leather is sexy and sultry, while the pleats soften the look of the outfit. For a casual laid back approach to pleats we suggest a lightly pleated cotton maxi skirt paired with a slouchy tee shirt, finish off the look with a loose braided belt and you’re good to go. This look is very resort-y and has a boho chic quality about it.

Try The Trend Tips
Pretty pleats are calling to be worn this year, but before you slip on a pleated ensemble here are a few tips to help you avoid a fashion misstep.

Avoid pairing pleats and plaid, this is the classic school girl uniform look, far from the vibe this year’s pleats are channeling. You can still use a pleated skirt for that school girl chic look; just keep it in a solid color to avoid looking costume-ish.

Don’t forget about shirts with pleated accents as well. There are tons of tunic tops that benefit for the gentle movement of pleats, pair one with leggings and you’ll be looking chic and sweet.