Historically speaking plunging necklines have always been a daring and risky fashion choice due to their sultry nature. Well in 2012 that’s changing because there has been a surge of variety in regards to the plunging necklines we are seeing on the runway.  A plunging neckline differs greatly from your tradition scoop neckline, a plunging neck line normally ends somewhere between the end of the breastbone and navel. Though the plunging neckline normally occurs in a “v” shape we have seen this style occur in boxier cuts as well.  This year plunging necklines are getting revamped to offer options for the most daring of women and even suitable choices for modest girl as well.

For a more modest take on the plunging neckline we have two options for you. The first being to find a plunging neckline that is cut in a narrow “v” shape; this will ensure that you still show some skin but that the cleavage is minimal. The second option for a modest plunging neckline look would be to wear a camisole or bandeau underneath your outfit. This is the most modest option, but it will still allow you to have the stunning drama of a plunging neckline. For the woman with no modesty worries and the right figure type, we suggest jumping right into this trend and trying a deep “v” plunging neckline. Just remember that this look works best when bra less, meaning that this style looks better on women with a smaller bust.

Try The Trend Tips

Are you ready to take the plunge into an ensemble with a daring neckline? Well here are some tips to help you find the best plunging neckline for you.

Pair a plunging neckline with long sleeves, this is by far the most elegant and classic option. The long sleeves will balance out the sexiness of the neckline.

The plunging neckline is not for everyone or every occasion. Be careful how and when you chose to wear this sultry style. The plunging neckline simply does not flatter every type of figure so try it on and make sure it complements your body type.