The pointed nail trend is one that we originally started to see on music’s most famous singers like Beyonce and Adele, ever since then, we have seen this fierce look on the red carpet, runways and on everyday fashionistas. This trend definitely gives your nails length and makes your hands look more dainty and feminine. The pointed nail trend, aka Stiletto nails, helps give your look a more glamorous and seductive edgy. We’ve seen everything from solid color pointed nails to bold patterns and designs.  This look can be done on natural nails but typically works best on gel or acrylic.  Our top three favorite ways to rock this trend are below.

Super Pointed Nails

This version of the pointed nail trend is by far the most statement making and really not for the faint of heart. These talon-like ultra-pointed tips add a cat like fierceness to your look that can’t be ignored. The most common color for the super pointed nail seems to be white, because it draws even more attention to the fun claw like nail shape.

Subtle Pointed Nails

This version of the trend is the most wearable and most kids friendly, for the moms out there.  Just a little rounded point at the edgy of your nails can enhance the look for your hands without drawing a ton of attention.

Pointed French Design

This is our favorite way to rock this trend, it’s a mix of the classic French manicure on the super bold pointed shaped nails. You can even out from something a little more daring that the simple white manicure and go with black instead.