Pumps get a refresh every now and then, and this year the pointed toe pump is back.  Pointed toe pumps go in and out of fashion, and just when we were embracing the rounded pump trend the point came back. Celebrity style icons like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Kristin Cavallari have all been seen strutting around town in fierce pointed toe pumps. The pointed toe pump is powerful and commanding which is why it is a favorite of Hollywood’s most successful women.  By adding this sexy shoe to your wardrobe you will be able to add a “take charge” appeal to your outfits while still looking feminine and sexy.

Since this shoe is all about commanding attention it is perfect for the office environment. Wear a pair of pointed toe pumps with a power suit and you’ll be looking smart and sexy for work. But don’t be fooled, pointed toe pumps have a fun side also. Pair neon pointed toe pumps with a silver mini dress for a fun, fresh and youthful party or date outfit.  Obviously the most important color to own your pointed toe pumps in is black, but once you’ve got those we recommend you experiment with some other trendy colors like oxblood, cobalt blue or mint green.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to step out in pointed toe pumps, well here are a few key tips to make sure you master this trend.

We recommend opting for a relatively high heel when wearing pointed toe pumps, if they are too short they tend to look a little awkward and over sized  The higher the heel, they more balanced the shoe will look on your feet.

We highly recommend you try metallic pointed toe pumps, these shoes would be great for a holiday cocktail party or a new years eve bash.