The sleek polished ponytail is a fan favorite hairstyle on the catwalk and the red carpet. This slick look is the perfect mixture of modern masculinity and retro smooth glamour. We have recently seen stars like Katy Perry, Shailene Woodley and Sophia Bush rock this classic and undeniable chic look. As far as ponytail placement goes we have seen everything from super high tails, similar to the ones seen at the Jason Wu fashion shows, as well as lower versions that sit close to the nape of the neck.  The reason that this style is so lovable is because; it requires minimal effort and gives maximum chic-ness.

How To Get The Look

  1. Prep your hair, we recommend using L’Oreal EverCreme hair cleanser  its sulfate free so it gently cleanses and conditions at the same time. Making for one less step in the shower, plus your hair will feel silky and smooth.
  2. Towel dry your hair and apply a leave-in heat and humidity protectant cream. This will help ensure your hair doesn’t succumb to frizz or damage from the styling process.
  3. Blow dry and flat iron your hair until its sleek and wave free.
  4. Brush back your hair and secure it into a pony tail, being sure to get all those little stand in the back.
  5. Spay your hair with extra hold hairspray as well as a shine enhancing spray. This will make sure your hair do stays sleek and no strands come undone.
  6. (Optional) Take a small amount of hair from the tail, wrap it around the base and secure it in place with a bobby pin.  This will hide the hair elastic and add the final touch of glamour.

If you want a more casual version of this look then don’t flat iron your hair to absolute perfection, allow some waves to stay. This makes the ponytail less polished and gives off a more relaxed vibe.