Olivia Palermo recently professed her love of the classic red manicure and we totally see why. Bright red nails not only complement any skin tone but they also add a pop of color to your ensembles with minimal effort. Whether you opt for a deep lux burgundy red or go for classic fire engine red, you’re sure to look chic with eye-catching red nails this season.  Another plus about this manicure trend is that you can rock it right now for summer and into the fall as well, because red plays well with the colors of both seasons. We highly suggest you try out the highly alluring red hot manicure trend and below we have our favorite ways to rock the look of course.

Matte Red French Manicure
A matte red French manicure is a fun and fantastic alternative to the classic French manicure look. Basically all you really need is two shades of red, one shiny and one matte, and then apply as you desire. You can use either the matte or the shiny polish for the tips; it’s totally up to you.  Once your manicure is done think about adding a few mid-finger rings onto your hands to really draw attention to your fantastic red nails.

Red and White Polka Dot Manicure
Polka dots are everywhere this season and we have fallen in love with red polka dot nails, they are the perfect blend of youthful and sassy. We prefer a red base with white polka dots on top. We suggest trying out this manicure with a super chic and somewhat edgy outfit, just to help balance out the youthful looking manicure.

Red and Black Crescent Moon Manicure
The crescent moon manicure is really an easy look to master and the red and black color combo is totally perfect for it. For this look we prefer a black nail with a red crescent because this really makes the red pop more.  What we love most about this style of manicure is that it showcases the red hue in a unique and unexpected way.