Red has always been a go to color for those that want to stand out in a crowd. We love the color because just looking at it can invoke intense emotions like passion and love. This year designers are using the color in cute fruity hues of watermelon and strawberries, as well as, sultry rich hues of ruby and wine.  Not only are designers playing with the different shades of red but they are also adding in different fabrics and texture like fringe, leather, fur, velvet and sheer mesh.  We love the way top fashion designers like DKNY and Jean Paul Gaultier are using the profound color to enhances there already impressive fashionable creations.

For a unique outfit that really highlights the diversity of the color red we suggest you pair different shades of red in the same outfit. Pair lux deep burgundy velvet trousers with a cherry red knit shirt; add dark brown accessories for a rich accent. This look is perfection for fall and it showcases the depth of the color red in an unexpected way.  For a more lighthearted take on a red tinged look we suggest finding a white floral sun dress with little red flower accents. This look is perfect for summertime and the combination of red and white makes the outfit ideal for a 4th of July barbecue.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to look ravishing in red, well here are a few tips to help keep you looking classy and chic.

Look to the darker end of the red spectrum, shades like berry, wine and ruby may look borderline purple but they are still technically shades of red. These richer, warmer hues are exactly what fall and winter fashion needs, plus they are unique and just as bold as traditional red.

Don’t forget about bold red accent accessories, like shoes, purses or even your nails. Just a little hint of red can add a big dose of freshness to your ensemble.