Rompers aren’t just for children anymore, these one piece jumpers come in many different cuts, colors and patterns.  In the summer or spring nothing is better for looking sweet and beating the heat.  In the fall and winter months a jumper with long wide leg pants is the perfect way to rock the 70’s era vibe.  Rompers have been around since 1904. So why do we still love this youthful look? Because it’s comfortable, versatile and fun, what‘s not to love about an outfit that you don’t have to worry about matching the top to the bottom, it’s already done for you.

For an adorably chic day time look try rocking a peach toned mid-calf length romper. Pair with boho accessories like bangles or a slouchy shoulder bag. Finish off your look with nude ankle boots and you’re good to go. For a lux night time look, try a black short romper with a plunging neck line. Add a wide black belt to cinch your waist and neon heels for an extra pop of color and you’re sure to look like an effortlessly chic goddess.


Try The Trend Tips

Ok, so the romper isn’t exactly the easiest garment to pull off, but with these tips you can’t go wrong.

Make sure your romper is not to short. Be sure your bottom is not on display along with your great fashion sense.  Do a test of length by standing with your arms at your sides, the back part of your romper should not be too much shorter then where you finger tips touch your legs.

Your romper should not fit too tight. Rompers are not a cousin of the 70’s hot pants, even though they lived in the same era.  Rompers should fit loosely and have movement, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing yours.

If you have a curvy body shape, you may be a bit scared of this trend. Well don’t be, just find a romper that maximizes your assets.  Look for rompers that have ruching around the waist to accent your hourglass shape.