The past few seasons rose gold has made a splash within the fashion world. From rose gold accessories, to rose gold hued clothing, we have seen it all on the runway. And the latest way to rock this metallic color is via wearing rose gold make-up, as seen at the Vera Wang 2013 spring show. Rose gold is the metal of the moment and we just love how this color complements and brightens any skin tone and eye color. Technically the metal known as rose gold is made up of a mixture of gold, copper and little touches of silver. The blending of the three most popular metallics offers a color which features the best of all three. Wearing rose gold make-up, whether on the eyes, cheeks or lips, takes your look from laid back to elegant. Rose gold will also give your face a sun kissed glow with a subtle hint of ultra-feminine pink, which looks fantastic on any woman.  This make up trend is perfect for spring and summer because, the light pink undertones offer a fresh faced ethereal look that is perfectly combined with the lustrous shimmer of gold within this color palette.  Below we have our favorite ways to rock this trend.

Rose Gold Blush
Rose gold blush is the perfect way to add a bit of subtle and elegant shimmer to your face. Dash a little blush onto the apples of your cheeks for a perfectly sun kissed look. For ladies with light skin opt for a lighter shade of rose gold, while girls with darker skin should go for a rose golden blush with darker more dramatic tones.

Rose Gold Eye Shadow
Rose gold eye shadow can bring to life any eye color. You could opt to apply just a little for an understated look or go for a full on rose gold smoky eye. Try accenting the rose gold shadow with slightly smudged dark purple eye liner for a funky and fun color contrast.