Sequins glitter and glisten in a way that no other fashion fabric can offer. Unfortunately sequin clothing often illicits fear and many women shy away from wearing such daring fashion choices on a regular basis. Most women tend to pigeonhole sequins in the party/evening wear category; thankfully in 2012 sequins are being used in new and refreshing ways that don’t just involve cocktail hour attire. We are seeing sequin miniskirts paired with sneakers, sequin blazers with jeans and sequin tank tops with shorts in the summer time. The key to making understated sequin clothing work is making sure that the pieces your wearing complement your sequin attire and don’t make to loud of a statement.

For a casual, sequin accented, summer day look we love the idea of pairing an oversized classic striped tee with sequin shorts. This look creates a fun juxtaposition between the casual tee shirt and the fancy shimmer of the sequins, plus the oversized shirt look is very in right now. For a delicate ladylike sequin look  we suggest pairing a cream tone sequin sweater with a blush hued knee length skirt, finish off your look with sweet peep toe heels and you’ll have a great sequin adorned office outfit.

Try The Trend Tips

We hope you’re considering shimmering and shining in sequin accented fashion in the near future, but before you do here are a few tips to help you master the sequin look.

Try wearing a piece that has sequin stripes, this is a great way to wear sequins but not be consumed by them. You can opt for a chic trendy color blocking effect or keep it classic with neutral colored pieces.

Don’t leave the house looking like a disco ball; remember sequins in 2012 are all about being effortless and understated. Try pairing sequins with gentle softer fabrics to prevent a glam overkill situation.

Though sequins are in right now, that doesn’t mean body glitter is making a comeback as well. Please leave the body glitter to the tweens and making sure your clothes and accessories are the only things shimmering with sequins this year.