The sweater dress is one of those seasonal pieces that comes out to play once a year, so it’s actually a yearly trend that changes a little from season to season. This year sweater dresses are all about proving that even though you’re covered up you can still look super sexy and chic. There are a few popular silhouettes that are making waves in the realm of sweater dresses the first being the drop waist sweater dress, the second is the knee length fitted sweater dress and the third is the button down sweater dress. Below you’ll find some creative and chic ways to style these different types of sweater dress for your fall and winter wardrobe.

Drop Waist Sweater Dress

The drop waist line has been slowly coming back into fashion over the last few years and we are very pleased to see it making a splash in winter wear. The drop waist sweater dress is a very youthfull way to rock this look, the retro hem line paired with the dense fabric makes for an outfit that is far from the usual. As for foot wear, we recommend a chic pair of Chelsea boots when rocking a drop waist sweater dress.

Knee Length Fitted Sweater Dress

This fit is by far the sexiest of the sweater dress silhouettes. We love the way the fabric of the sweater really hugs a womens curves, making this a perfect option for date night. We love the way a slinky fitted sweater dress looks when pairing with knee high boots

Button Down Sweater Dress

The type of sweater dress really channels the 90’s grunge vibe. We would suggest pairing a neutral toned button down sweater dress with a pair of lace up ankle boots. Or you could opt to layer your button down sweater dress over a fluted floral print dress, leaving the fluted hem exposed.