The messy bun is a super popular hairstyle appropriate for almost any environment from a casual date to an evening wedding. Celebrities have been known to rock the look all the time and designers often choose a variation of the messy bun for their runway shows. The messy bun is wistful, youthful, and romantic, making it perfect for women of all hair types. Once you know and master the basic steps of creating a messy bun, you can try a ton of different variations, like adding a braid into the mix, a style favored by Loren Conrad.  Below you’ll find the basic steps for styling your hair into an ultra-chic messy bun, once you’ve got these steps down look up a few tutorials online and try out different variations of the messy bun look.

Step. 1

First off, start with tangle free hair by brushing thoroughly with a fine toothed brush. Feel free to spritz in some detangler if your hair has a tendency to be unruly.

Step. 2

Apply a little mousse to your hair starting at the end, this will help ensure you get good volume and your hair stays in place.

Step. 3

Tease your hair by brushing the root of your hair to create even more body and height.

Step. 4

Secure your hair into a ponytail by flipping your hair upside down and gathering it into your hands. This will increase your hairs volume and help to avoid bumps.

Step. 5

Twist your ponytail into a bun shape, then secure with a hair tie or bobby pins.

Step. 6

Finally pluck out a few strands of hair and artfully wrap them around the bun, if you feel comfortable leave a piece of hair out of the bun and braid it before you wrap it around. Finish off the look with a spritz of hairspray for hold and you’ll be good to go.