If you have a girl friend that’s into the boyish look, chances are you’ve already seen how dapper the Oxford shoe can look. Many of us know the Oxford shoe from the males in our lives, especially when there’s a special event to attend but now they’re showing up on the feet of stylish ladies everywhere. Although this shoe has been trending for a few years now, we’re happy to say that it’s been showing up on a few different runways and many different styles—not just for the boyish look.

The Pre Fall runway of Celine Paris had the trendy shoes on a few models which did lean towards a more masculine feel allover because of the oversized suits the models wore. On the Fall 2013 runways of Rachel Antonoff and Prada, the models wore the shoes with anything from long pea coats to skirts and buttoned-down shirts so this gives us a lot to work with when trying to wear this shoe.

The celebrities wearing this boyish pair of shoes is endless but we have noticed that Taylor Swift has made them part of her everyday look. Jamie Chung and socialite Olivia Palermo also favor this trend as well. If you want to learn more on how to sport these comfortable shoes, keep reading.

Try the Trend.

This trend is really for everybody, no need to have a certain style to rock these. Of course the ladies that favor boyish styles have an advantage but no worries, we’re here to help. A simple look to try for the summer months would be the little white dress, a denim vest, and the shoes. You still get to dress girly while incorporating this trend without feeling too out of place if these shoes aren’t something you would normally wear.

Another option is to pair the shoes with skinny jeans, especially if they’re cropped  and a band t-shirt  to give a casual look or a designer t-shirt  for a more chic look.