The white button down shirt (aka the Oxford blouse) is both, traditional and modern, fresh and classic and adds a sense of polished sophistication to any ensemble. It has a touch of masculinity in combination with grace, femininity and elegance. In fact Gianfranco Ferre said that “The white blouse can be light and floating, impeccable and austere, sumptuous and all-enveloping, tight and close-fitting. It rises up to frame the face.” Keeping this quote in mind, we think that it is imperative that you add a white button down to your spring/summer wardrobe ASAP. The white button down shirt is perfect for any body type whether super slim or curvy, the key to mastering this trend is making sure you have the perfect fit. Opt for a white button down that is fitted enough to highlight the curve of your waist without being too tight over your bust.

For the office we recommend opting for a fun and chic variation of the white button down trend. For work go for a sheer white button down shirt over a black camisole, pair this with a fitted pencil skirt and smart black pumps. This look is super polished and just a little bit sexy, making it perfect for those long days that end in an “after-work” happy hour with friends.  For a casual and fresh way to rock the white button down trend in spring we suggest opting for a blousy white sleeveless button down, paired with bright neon shorts. Add in a pair of high nude wedges and you’ll be looking crisp and chic in spring.


Try The Trend Tips

A white button down should be a spring/summer fashion staple, and to help you master this trend here are a few tips.

Try layering with your white button down shirt, they look great under cardigans, vest and blazers.

When wearing your white button by itself, we suggest adding a statement pendant necklace for a little extra “something”.  Go for a necklace with a large bold design or a bright eye-catching color.