Having dry skin is inevitable during the winter due to harsh weather conditions and having the heater on at all times. The skin tends to tighten up and pores are opened begging for moisture making it challenging for your skin to look its best throughout the day. If you have naturally dry skin, the cold weather can be even worst resulting in dry patches and eventually wrinkles.


Because this weather can be so harsh on your skin, properly moisturizing your face and skin essential. A good hand cream is also necessary because your hands tend to be just as exposed as your face. On the topic of moisturizing, a face mask to restore the moisture in your face should be done at least twice a weak. We recommend an avocado and olive oil mask or you can purchase something like Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack and apply it overnight for hydrated skin in the morning.

Lastly we suggest you keep a humidifier wherever your time is largely spent to keep the heater from drying out your skin. Humidifiers can be found at nearly every price range and size, making them the perfect skincare trick to have on your desk or in your room.