The trench dress has soared in popularity over the last year, with designers like Marc Jacob and Michael Kors spear heading the trend.  This vintage outwear fashion staple has become a chic and creative dress alternative.  Celebrity designer Victoria Beckham favors the trench dress in her fashion collections and in her own person style, she has been seen in numerous different trench dress styles over the last year. There are so many different types of trench dresses that it’s easy to find the one that will suit your needs and your personal style also.

The trench dress is perfect for office or business wear because it has masculine lines that project a sense of strength and sophistication. Of course you can always dress up an office appropriate khaki trench dress with eye catching bright colored heels and a purse. This look is just the right mixture of business woman and sensual vixen.  For a lighter take on this trend why not opt for a trench dress that has a fun geometric pattern like monochromatic plaid. This type of trench dress would be perfect for a holiday party or winter date night. We recommend keeping the shoes understated if you’re going with a bold print trench dress.

Try The Trend Tips

We hope you consider adding a trench dress to your fall/winter wardrobe, it’s the perfect way to rework a classic outwear pieces into a refreshing dress.

Remember to belt your trench dress, since the trench coat does not have the most feminine of silhouettes you’ll need to highlight your waist and a belt is the perfect way to do it. You could opt for a belt that matches the trench dress or go for one in a complimentary but contrasting color.

As for foot wear when wearing a trench dress we just love knee high boots, we adore the way they compliment to the masculinity of the trench coat while enhancing the overall sex appeal of the look.