The two toned trend has filtered its way into every genera of fashion and now shoes are finally getting in on the action. Two toned shoes are a hot trend right now, because they’re interesting, youthful and fun. This year is all about footwear that incorporates two contrasting yet complementary colors. Notable footwear designers like Chanel, Zara and Kate Spade have all shown versions of the two toned shoe trend on the runway during fashion week. Of course there is the classic and sophisticated black and white color combo which we love.  But we have also seen a lot of daring color pairings throughout this year like lavender and blue, or pink and orange.  The best things about this trend is that its popular with both heels and flats so you are sure to be able to find a two toned pair of shoes no matter where you are going.

For the office we recommend going with a cute cap toe pair of heels, for example brown heels with a white cap toe would be perfect for work in the fall. If you are looking for a comfy two tone pair of flats then we suggest a color blocked pair of ballet flats that utilizes bright colors like yellow, orange pink or electric blue.

Try The Trend Tips

The two toned shoe trend is one that works all year round, so we suggest you invest in a few pairs so that you can stay looking trendy and chic.

If you want a fool proof two toned shoe option, look no further than black heels that have a neon accent color. Neon and black is a super easy color combo to find and it can go with almost anything.

Don’t forget to look for fun two toned wedge heels during spring and summer, they would be the perfect addition to a simple t-shirt and shorts look.