During the fall months we crave warmth, richness and comfort. No other material satisfies these cravings quite like velvet does. Velvet envelops us, covers us, comforts us and makes us feel safe. So it’s no wonder that this year velvet is showing up all over the fall runways of 2013. Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Christopher Kane, Alberta Feretti and Tom Ford have offered us sophisticated and fresh pieces using velvet as the main attraction.  Velvet not only offers us textural comforts but for many women velvet dishes a dose of nostalgia, from the days as little girls going to holiday functions in  overly poofy velvet dresses. Now that we’re all grown up it’s nice to know that velvet has grown with us and transformed into a chic fall fashion must have.

For a casual velvet look we suggest paring velvet midnight blue pants with a leather jacket. The combination of the two contrasting fabrics looks great together. Plus, you’re sure to stay super warm in velvet and leather on those cold winter days.  For a more formal velvet look we recommend an emerald green velvet dress. The jewel tone is a popular color for fall and the velvet will have you looking like the epitome of luxury.

Try The Trend Tips

Lux velvet is the way to go this fall, but before you drench yourself in the comfy fabric take a look at these fashion tips.

Velvet should always go to the dry cleaner. A good quality velvet piece can cost you a pretty penny, so it’s a good idea to care for your velvet items properly.

Try a velvet blazer in the fall and winter months, not only will the fabric keep you warm but the sheen of the velvet will add a little lux and shimmer to your ensemble.

Don’t forget about velvet accessories, you could opt for hats, purses or even belts. Play with the trend and figure out if you want a little or a lot of velvet for your look.