Vertical stripes are always a tricky fashion trend to master, they can be sophisticated and polished looking when worn properly, however if worn improperly then can be very unflattering and costume-ish looking. Oddly enough we have started to see a spike in popularity for this risky trend and honestly, we love how some of Hollywood’s hottest stars are rocking this look. Songstress Kelly Rowland, reality star Kourtney Kardashian and style icon Rihanna have all recently been spotted rocking vertical stripes in flattering, sexy and bold ensembles. Overall we think the key to mastering vertical stripes all comes down to the tailoring of the garment.

For the office we recommend going for a pencil skirt that has a very thin and subtle pinstripe pattern on it, pair this with a crisp white button down shirt and you’ll be looking commanding, polished and professional while at the office. For a more casual way to rock vertical stripes we recommend opting for a vertical stripe maxi dress, however the key to mastering this look is being sure to add a waist defining belt, that way your curves won’t be lost in the bold stripe pattern on the dress. Add some nude sandals and you’ll be looking boho chic in no time.

Try The Trend Tips

Vertical stripes are a trend that we highly recommend you try out this year, and to help you master this style here are a few key tips.

Whether it’s a striped dress, pants, shirt or skirt makes sure that it fits perfectly. The fit of a garment is even more important when you are dealing with a bold print like stripes.

Looking for a garment that has stripes that start wide at the bottom and progressively get smaller towards the top, this will make the body appear more slender and narrow.