When people think of western inspired clothing, most picture good’ole cowboy hats and things out of a country western film. But this year the western inspired fashion trend is getting a refreshing and modern update, and its all about nature and feminine touches. Classic western staples are still incorporated in the style like plaid, denim, leather and fringe. But with these classic touches comes refreshing new additions like tribal prints, structured blouses, light floral prints, and a whole palette of rich and contrasting colors.  This trend is really taking the best of what western inspired fashion has to offer and blending it with modern silhouettes and colors to create a style that honors retro western Americana.

This year one of our favorite western inspired looks is head to toe denim. We know the thought of a ton of denim may frighten you however, head to toe denim paired with rich brown accessories can actually look extremely chic as well as delightfully casual. Another great western inspired trend that integrates well into everyday wear is cowboy boots. Pair with skinny jeans, a mini skirt, a floral dress or a maxi dress. These boots really do go with just about anything and best of all now-a-days you can find them to match any color under the sun.

Try The Trend Tips

The western fashion trend is a fun and interesting take on a classic American style. We highly recommend you give this look a try, but first here are a few tips to make sure you rock the trend.

The trend is western not cowboy, all though cowboy boots work we don’t suggest pairing them with a cowboy hat and leather pants. This trend can go from chic to costume really fast so be aware for your accessory choices.

The western trend meshes really well with the boho chic trend, so try taking pieces from each fashion genera and creating a cool style combo.

As far as hairstyles are concerned we think this trend looks best with the hair done in relaxed beachy waves.  Since the western trend can be a bit masculine, softer hair will help add more femininity to the look.