Taking your look to another level can be slightly challenging if you’re a lover of all things minimal and taking chances doesn’t come as natural as you would like it to. Sometimes you see a trend that would add more color or dimension by means of a bright necklace or a print but often steer away because you think you may never wear it again. The solution, you may ask? Statement heels.

Statement heels are a great way to elevate any look in an a slightly understated way as they are small enough of an item that won’t take all the attention from what you’re wearing but will still let others make their presence be known. If you want to try wearing statement heels but aren’t completely sure what to pair them with, here are a few styling tips that’ll help:

miumiuStart off with a monochromatic ensemble. Wearing a monochromatic look, like all black everything, is the easiest way to pull-off statement heels. Due to the lack of color diversity, the look calls for adding color, print, or texture and statement heels do just that.
An all solids look. If you’re wearing a look of solid colors, statement heels are a great way to add an interesting twist. Say you’re wearing a white and black look, try wearing statement heels that include the colors that you are wearing along with a third color that can add some color.
Mix prints. This can get a little tricky if you’re not into mixing prints but doing so (and getting it right) gives you extra fashion points. You can mix prints by pairing the print of your shoes to the print of whatever other printed piece you are wearing. You can pair prints that aren’t the same but have similar shapes, like geometric prints, for example. The colors don’t even have to be the same as long as lines and shapes have something in common.
To see more on statement shoes, check out the videos!
(Cover image: ftape.com)