When leather pants aren’t an option for your closet, coated denim is the next best thing. They’re a lot less expensive than leather, are way more comfortable, and it helps that they’re trending. From Cara Delevingne to Olivia Palermo, this shiny pair of denim has been popping up everywhere. The only problem we have with them is the fact that they are difficult to care for. They tend to break down easily and lose sheen but luckily for you we’ve got two ways on how to keep them looking clean and shiny.


Washing coated denim. This is actually something you can’t do with detergent or soap so don’t throw these in the washer along with your other clothes. They need a lot more care so what you should do is fill a bucket or medium size container with cold water and with a sponge, clean them. If they’re extra dirty, submerge them completely but if not, just clean with a sponge where needed.

Otter wax. The main reason why you don’t wash coated denim in soap is because it breaks down that waxy look it has so there’s a way to get that waxy look back if you’ve already mistreated them. Otter wax is a great way to get that sheen back so try this if you jeans are looking a bit faded.

To see an additional way of cleaning your coated denim jeans and a tutorial of the cleaning methods mentioned above, check out the video!