New York Fashion Week is one of the most prestige events of the ENTIRE year, there is no doubt about that! Every year designers are bringing ‘A game’yes, the best work they have produced for the upcoming season to show off to the world. But there was one designer who made NYFW well, “different”…if you havent already guessed that would be Kanye West…
Oh Kanye, he always puts on a show no matter if it’s good or bad. Let’s just say this year he really disappointed, but I guess we will let you be your own judge on this one. His show started off with his models lined up in a huge park, but half of them had to sit down because of how hot it was, while others were having fashion disasters as they showed off their outfits with one model even taking off her shoes as she walked…fashion success or nightmare?

Besides Kanye’s fashion performance dilemma, many of us just tried to forget about what we saw because well the show must go on right? We later saw great lines from Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger which we couldn’t have been more excited about and made up for Kanye’s rough start…their designers were absolutely amazing. For more exclusive details and for the inside scoop be sure to check out the videos above.