All Is Fair In Love, War, And Festival Fashion

With Coachella officially one month out, it’s time to start planning out that festival wardrobe. Rihanna officially took the cake last year, appearing in a pair of Y/Project’s Thigh High Uggs that broke the Internet and inspired YouTuber’s Safiya Nygaard’s reluctant fashion experiment with the shoes. While there will always be glitter, blinged out bikinis, and sheer naked dresses the likes of Kate Moss ’93, here’s the new comer trends that will be all over Coachella 2019.

Head to Toe Metallics
The fashion cycle never fails. As fashion takes a swan dive into futuristic (or in the case of Marine Serre apocalyptic) styles its simultaneously re-discovering the flashy space age trend that ushered in a new millennium. It’s serendipitously both new, throwback, and eye-catching at the same time.

Image Source: News.Au

Experimental Headgear
Want to stick out in a sea full of space buns? Give yourself a Sgt. Pepper moment with an embellished captain’s hat. Adorned to the heavens with mirrors, sequins, or mother of the pearls, the psychedelic – esque trend is even trickling into our streetwear due to the popularity of independent designers in untraditional outlets like Etsy.

Jerseys aren’t just for dudes anymore. If we’ve learned anything from Virgil Abloh last collections, the sports realm and the fashion realm weld beautifully together. Whether you want to show off support for your team or your great style, festival jerseys are the way to go.

Image Source: Pinterest