Revival of 90s Trends

Ohh the 90s, the decade that gave us supermodels and the grunge collection. It only seems fitting that 90s fashion should live forever in our trends, and while the 90s revival that started with a choker and nude lips seem liked harmless nostalgia at first, we’re living and breathing full on 90s with these huge trends.

Pants Suits
Pants suits are officially the hottest trend on 2019. Especially Miley’s fave, the shirtless pants suit. The modern versions of power dressing, pant suits are ultra flattering, and play with the gender boundaries.

Turns out Cher Horowitz’s favorite accessory could be a trend 25 plus years later. An unconventional trend, berets have been all over street style taking blase outfits to the next level.

Combat Boots
Nobody did 90s grunge better than Marc Jacobs who sent an entire collection down the runway in specially made Doc Marten’s boots. While the utilitarian look is starting to make waves on the runway, you can still transform into a rebel babe in a pair of combat boots and dresses.

Waist Bags
Is there anything more camp then the idea of fanny packs entering the market as a luxury good, I think not. A street style must have, waist bags have already gone on to surpass the cross body bag in popularity.