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The ultimate accessory perfect for all seasons

You know the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” I like to think it was coined about timeless fashion and looks that will never fade. Maybe it was about a crisp white button-down shirt or a perfect camel coat. This classic accessory staple is so popular that it broke up The Plastics in the timeless movie, “Mean Girls.”

Perhaps a stunning red lipstick or diamond earrings. Whatever it may be, there is an argument to be made for fan-favorite classics and the stylistic power they possess. Adding one of these “oldie but goodie” pieces and accessories to any outfit immediately takes it up a notch. And for me, and a ton of celebrities, the crowning jewel of go-to fashion pieces is a pair of thick gold hoop earrings.

From Bella Hadid to Jennifer Lopez to Michelle Obama and Hailey Bieber, gold hoops are like the secret weapon of fashion for any gal. Whether you’re plan Jane-ing it with jeans and a t-shirt or going all out in a little black dress and stilettos, gold hoops mesh seamlessly with any outfit. From classically beautiful and tailored skirt suits to street style, gold hoops transcend rigid style molds and are the perfect accessory.

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The style has been around forever and has become increasingly popular throughout 2019 as celebs have dawned thicker, hallow hoops with just about every outfit. The hallowed hoop makes them lighter and won’t leave you with droopy earlobes or buyers’ remorse.

The best part? We won’t tell if you opt for a fake pair that are under $50, and it’s likely that no one will know the difference.