Spring Has Sprung Some New Style Trends

We know trends come and go, but some are so completely extra that we have to share them with you. Spring 2019 unveiled one of those types of trends.

The newest trend we’re seeing this spring that is straight out of the 80s–and a part of the 80s we wish we had left behind. The runway this year indicates that puffy sleeves are back with a vengeance–and the bigger and puffier, the better.

We’ve seen them in sequins, feathers, and glitter. We’ve seen them on dresses, jumpers, and shirts. We’ve even seen them in ruffles, leather, and the brightest of neon. We’ve hardly ever seen them in a way that isn’t dramatic, though we think it’s possible to do them well–if you’re brave enough.

Wearing this old school look is a surefire way to take yourself back in time to the days of shoulder pads and power suits. Many are loving it and using it as a way to dress up simple styles. Others aren’t interested in the exaggerated look. Regardless what your stance is, we aren’t sure this trend is one that’s going to stick.

For a better look at this super-extra spring fashion trend, take a look at the video above.