(Photo Credit: BILD)

Aylin Imparts That Beauty Is Skin Deep

Makeup gets a mixed response from people. Some people view makeup as a form of self-expression; a reflection of who they are and a form of fashion and style, no different than a pretty dress or pair of shoes that make you feel good. Others shun makeup and say that the natural look is more beautiful and that makeup only hides or masks your true beauty. For others, makeup offers a chance at a sense of normalcy.

This woman has a rare autoimmune disorder called alopecia. Alopecia attacks the hair follicles in your body often causing the affected person to lose their hair. The effects aren’t the same for everyone. Some lose clumps or patches of hair in isolated spots but in some rare cases, the affected person can actually lose all of their hair over their entire body. There is currently no cure but is treatable.

For the woman in the video, makeup isn’t the latest fashion trend or style. It’s not to look good for anyone else. Makeup for her, offers a chance at inclusivity and a sense of normalcy in her day to day life. It’s turning an incurable disease into something beautiful.

To see this amazing transformation or for more information on Alopecia, check out the video above.