The new year is here and if you’re anything like us, you’ve made a bunch of resolutions you may or *may not* keep. Some people want to lose weight, others want to be happier, but if you’re a beauty lover, better skin and hair is definitely on your list. And why shouldn’t it be? Investing in yourself now ensures that you’ll look better when the years start piling up.

In case you weren’t sure what beauty resolutions you should keep or want to add a few extra to your list, check out these resolutions that we think you’re going to want to keep.

Get that beauty sleep, girl. You’ve heard this a million times before and we’re telling it to you again: sleep more. Sleep deprivation leads to moisture loss, pimples and wrinkles (stress related), and uneven skin tone. Accustom your body to sleeping earlier and not only will you look better, you’ll feel better too.

Double cleanse. Taking all of your makeup off is essential to clear skin and one cleanser doesn’t always do the trick. Incorporate a cleansing oil or balm before your actual cleanser will ensure everything is off by the time you get to your toner. Avoid makeup wipes as they tug on the skin and can lead to losing elasticity.

Hair mask. Healthy hair is just as big of a commitment as healthy skin so we’re not sure why girls neglect it so much. Apply a hair mask once or twice a week so keep it looking and feeling healthy and shiny.

Wear SPF every day. As much as we all love a sunny day, the sun does more harm than good. The sun’s rays cause spots, pre-mature aging, and can cause skin cancer. Wear SPF on your face, neck, chest, and tops of your hands for every day limited exposer. If you live in a warm climate, use it all over.

Stop neglecting your neck and chest. Wrinkles, spots, and uneven skin tone doesn’t magically stop at your jawline. Every product that you’re using on your face needs to be brought down to your neck and chest as the skin on these areas are just as thin as your face. While you’re at it, the tops of your hands and feet need love too!

#SpaDaySunday. Treat yourself to some papering whether it’s at home or at a real spa. It’s nice to relax and treat your skin at the same time so be kinder to yourself this year and whip out the bath bomb and face mask.

Wear less makeup. You’re beautiful no matter what scars, spots, or wrinkles may be on your face and it’s time for people to see it. We’re not saying you should get rid of everything (but kudos if you can) but go for the fresh face makeup at least once a week and only use the essentials.

Get rid of old makeup. Expired makeup will do your face and health no good so make sure to throw it out if you’ve had it for too long. Bacteria could be lurking in there causing breakouts and even sties.

Face mask it up. Your skin loves when you moisturize it but it also really likes when you randomly treat it to a face mask. Use a face mask twice a week to boost moisture and target any areas of concern you may have.

Drink more water and tea. Water is essential to hydrated, plump skin so start drinking more of it. Make it a habit to always have water around you so it’s easier to drink. Teas rich in anti-oxidants like matcha tea should also be incorporated into your beauty routine as it helps aging from the inside out.

Here’s to a new year with better beauty habits and an even more beautiful version of you!
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