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Blake Lively has looked amazing during her second pregnancy, but “The Shallows” actress admits it is not as easy as it looks.
Blake Lively looks amazing, but especially now that she has that pregnancy glow she looks even more radient. She sat down with People magazine recently and admits being fashionable and pregnant was hard but still fun. “There are a lot of variables these days” she confessed, “but it’s fun to dress under the circumstances. It’s totally fun, and weird and totally not real life, but it’s also fun to play dress-up.”
Blake even did all of her own styling from her shoes to her jewelery, but she also has another confession. “I don’t know why people make a fuss over that, everyone in the whole world does their own styling. I have access to all of these designers and I have every unfair advantage. It’s actually less impressive.” For more on Blake Lively and her awesome style while pregnant be sure to check out the video above.