By now you probably already know that bright lips are the way to go. They were seen everywhere on the Spring 2014 runways and have successfully made their way to our everyday lives as it’s the go-to lip for women everywhere. Although the intensity and brightness have to accommodate the time of day, it can really be worn whenever and goes with just about every look as well.

The best part about this trend is how simple it is and the statement it makes. Some women aren’t a big fan of color in their wardrobe or jewelry so this is the perfect way to do so with minimal effort.
If you want to know how to wear this trend properly or just need a refresher on how to get it right, take note of these tips.

Illamasqua-Glamore-Lipstick-Soaked-lgnGet the right tone for your skin color. Finding the right color for your skin is essential for making this beauty trend work for you. Cool tones look best in colors with blue undertones, warm undertones look great in neon oranges, and deep tones look best in colors with red
undertones. This doesn’t mean you should definitely stick to a certain color; go against your natural pairing for brighter pop of color.

Keep it simple. Your lips are already making a statement so keep a light hand on the rest of your makeup. Treat a bright lip the same you would a red lip: flawless dewy base, mascara, and proper highlighting.

Blush is optional. Again, keeping a light hand on the rest of your makeup is key and blush can be done without unless you have fair skin and looked drained. In this case, take the smallest amount of the lip color and lightly tap in on the apples of your cheeks. It should look like the lightest flush on your face so don’t over-do it.

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