(Photo: blog.prilock.com)

Brooks Brothers to produce face masks and gowns

America’s oldest retailer known for men’s wear, Brooks Brothers, is making a new name for themselves as medical supplies manufacturer. Brooks Brothers is working to convert their factories located in Massachusetts, New York, and North Carolina to divert from manufacturing clothing to focus on creating much needed medical supplies including face masks and protective gowns.

The retailer announced the details of their plan to produce 150,000 gowns and masks per day that they will give to health care workers through U.S. medical facilities and hospitals. Brooks Brothers is working in direct connection with State and Federal officials including several major hospital systems, task forces, and other organizations.

Brooks Brothers is also working with a coalition of volunteer CEOs, Stop the Spread, that are working to catalyze actions and support the government through the COVID-19 pandemic. The retailer is also working with experts in technology and textiles to develop initial prototypes.

This company has helped America through wartime and crisis for the past 200 years including supplying U.S. military uniforms since the Civil War and supporting the Red Cross Society in 1989. Their dedication to helping the nation is helping expedite the approval process by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The retailer plans to begin production once their workers return to their jobs this week, following the precautionary self-quarantine period of two weeks. Brooks Brothers is enforcing and following the government guidelines in all facilities for social distancing and sanitation to protect their employees.