Los Angeles style expert and blogger Ashley Fultz of TheStyleEditrix.com shows how to rock the athleisure trend around town. Add a leather moto jacket, oversize sunglasses, and a nice handbag to really dress up the look!

Since Ashley’s last advice video was about layering for the fall, she wanted to remind you that you can do that with athleisure wear. This look can be worn all day, even if you are not going to the gym. It is a great look, especially for busy moms. Neutral colored running shoes like gray are chic for fall. Make your leggings the statement makers. I always love stripes!

Pair of the leggings with a long sleeve T-shirt and layer with a leather jacket. Rock dark oversized sunglasses and break up the look with a sweater tied around the waist. Add a carryall bag and you’re good to go all day! If you want to be cozy and chic, you can definitely rock this look, especially on the weekends.