No matter what size they are, every woman out there wants to look thinner. We try diets, get a gym membership, and deprive ourselves of certain things in order to look slimmer. Sure, wearing black is a no brainer and we’ve got tons of it in our closets but is there anything else that can be done? Black can’t be the only way to drop pounds instantly.


Luckily wearing black isn’t the only thing you can do to drop a few pounds like magic. Nude heels are a great trick to make your frame look thinner and longer because the nude color elongates your leg. If your pair up the nude heels with a dress that has a flared bottom, double the pounds lost because it hides your bottom half. Lastly, belting your waist will also make it look smaller so it may be time to invest in one.

For additional tips, tune into the video and let PopSugar Fashion show you how to use fashion to look slimmer.