The Grammys are usually an exciting award show because we get to see all of our favorite artists dress up and wear some beautiful and exciting pieces. This year, however, seems to have been the exception. With celebs like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus missing, and not to mention the lack of best dressed, this year was quite boring.

Check out what A-listers made it on our best and worst dressed.



Queen Bey made the top of our best dressed this year at the Grammy’s wearing an amazing dress by Michael Costello. It was sheer but tasteful and hugged her curves beautifully. All hail Queen Bey.



Taylor was our runner up on the list because she looked absolutely stunning in a metallic dress by Gucci. It fit her amazingly and the color worked well with her skin tone. Had her hair been different, we would have given her first place.



The R&B singer was showing off her beautiful baby bump and literally glowing in a beaded Gucci gown. The gown color was perfect her own skin tone and looked so natural on her. Her and makeup were simple and we wouldn’t change that.



Who would’ve known that a simple grey, long dress could look so perfect and make a petite girl look so tall? Anna wore a beautiful grey gown with some beading on the upper half and a long slit on the bottom half that really made her look taller. Although it was simple, it suited her oh so well.




If there’s one person that we usually let anything get away with it’s Madonna but we’re going to have to give her some tough love this time. Madonna wore a Ralph Lauren suit, wide brimmed hat, a cane, and a grill. Yes, a grill. We’re not sure what possessed her to wear such tacky accessories but we still have faith in her. She’ll reign next year.


Ah, we meet again Paula. You were on our worst dressed for the Golden Globes and you’re on here again. Paula wore a long zebra print dress that was better suited for an award show at a safari than the Grammy’s. Although her hair and makeup were beautifully done, her horrendous dress ruined it all.



We completely forgot who this girl was until a vague memory of the Pussycat Dolls came to mind to which we remembered she was a part of. Kaya wore a long, tasteless leather black dress with 2 slits that showed us certain parts that should always be covered in public. We’re guessing she wanted to cause some contreversy since nobody remembers her. We’re choosing to forget she ever wore this.



The electronic artist wore an electric blue dress better suited for a highschool prom. She looked like she put absolutely no thought into what she was wearing and on top of that looked like she had been partying way too hard beforehand. She makes Ke$ha look good and that’s not a compliment. Her shoes, her accessories, and her dress make her the Worst Dressed at the Grammys.