We think that by now you can probably tell that we’re obsessing over coconut oil and all of the benefits it has not only for your face, hair, and body but also for your health!

For all we know, maybe we belong on a tropical island with tons of coconuts everywhere and we don’t know it. It’s super moisturizing, prevents wrinkles, and has natural SPF so having this ingredient seems crucial in an eye cream, right?


Although in a perfect world eye creams everywhere would have coconut oil them, the truth is that they don’t.

In fact, it can be quite difficult to find an eye cream that does because other great oils like maracuja and argan are so incredibly popular right now that they’re taking over pretty much every beauty counter.

Because of this, we’ve decided to show you how to make your own coconut eye cream that has 2 simple ingredients: organic coconut and vitamin E capsules.

Mix half a cup of room temperature organic coconut oil and squeeze the vitamin E of 2 capsules into the mixture. Additionally, add a bit of rose oil to soothe the under eye if you’d like.

If you already like your own eye cream but want the added benefits of the coconut oil, add a tablespoon of it to your own cream. It’ll make the perfect eye cream.