Having a good moisturizing face mist is an essential part of every woman’s skincare no matter what the season is. It gives the skin that extra boost of hydration as well as a nice natural glow and can help set makeup. They come in every price range and even tailored to specific needs like skin brightening and sebum control. One of the most popular mists is the “Rose Water Mist” from Mario Badescu that has been raved from many beauty bloggers and celebrities alike and today we show you how to make your own.


The items you’ll need are just as simple as rose water itself:

1. Bouquet of roses.
2. Aloe Vera gel. We like Nature Republic’s Soothing & Moisture aloe gel.
3. Distilled water.
4. Spray bottle.

Additionally, you’ll need a small glass bowl to put on top of the roses in the pot where they will be boiled.

To see how you can make your own natural rose water spray, check out the video!