Most of us girls tend to think that to get the perfect blowout a visit to the hair salon is a must. Hairstylists must have a few tricks up their sleeves they aren’t sharing because doing it at home almost never comes out the same. Not to mention the products they use we almost never have save for a product or two which seems to make the biggest difference when getting it done. Lucky for you, we have a few tips that will make your blowout look like you spent a ton of money at the salon.

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Step 1. Find your perfect part. Your face shape has a lot to do with finding the perfect part but a go-to for us is a middle part because it makes your face look smaller. If this isn’t a concern for you, experiment with a side part. It’ll change up your whole look.

Step 2. Apply product. Use something for frizz like Moroccan Oil’s Frizz Control. This does double the work as it eliminates frizz and add shine.

Step 3. Dry without a brush first. Dry downwards with a nozzle on the blow-dryer. This is key because it helps prevent frizz. Then just section the hair and use clips to secure the hair you aren’t blow-drying.

It’s as easy as that! Having salon hair at home is actually obtainable so don’t be afraid to try this at home. Check out our video for a tutorial to try out this easy blowout at home.